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The Pontiac Alumni Chapter was Chartered on May 17, 1965.  A chapter of rich Kappa history, based on the concepts of the chapter's members.  With the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the busing issue in the City of Pontiac, 13 educated men of color came together and established an organization for the purpose of filling a void for positive black role models in the community.  Brother Fredrick Smith was the lead organizer of the group and Brother Garfield Johnson was elected the first Polemarch.  Six of the thirteen charter members have gone on to Chapter Invisible.

The chapter was inactive for several years due to various reasons.  The chapter was reactivated in 1977 spearheaded by Founder Frederick D. Smith, Brother Norman "Rick" Harper, and several determined Brothers to revive the chapter. Brother Rick Harper was elected Polemarch.

The chapter continued to survive with the recruitment of Brothers, initiated at the undergraduate level from numerous colleges and settling in the Pontiac area.  The chapter's first pledge line was made in 1979.  From 1979 to the present there have been 26 pledge lines, beginning with the "Four Tops" through "K.A.N.E Trio".  Each line developed its own uniqueness and continued to improve and move the chapter forward.


The Pontiac Alumni Chapter became one of the elite chapters of the Northern Province during the late 80's and early 90's.  The chapter hosted the 41st Northern Province Meeting ("Kappa Heaven in 87").  The Chapter was recognized at the Provincial and National levels for exemplifying the goals of the Grand Chapter.  In 1988, 1989, 1990, 1999, 2000, 2014, 2015 the Pontiac Alumni Chapter was voted the Northern Province's " Medium Size Chapter of the Year".  The chapter has continued to expand and grow in size where in 2016 the chapter was moved to the large chapter.  That year the chapter was awarded the Paul Waymond Caine "Large Size Chapter of the Year".

Pontiac Alumni Chapter Charter Members

*Dr. Charles E. Billings - Sigma ’57

*Dr. Nathaniel Clay, Jr. - Alpha Tau ’63

*Dr. Otis B. Ferguson, Jr. - Kappa ’49

*Dr. Ronald P. Hairston - Beta Pi ’56

Dr. James Hawkins - Gamma Beta ’62

*Rev. Dr. Garfield Johnson, Jr. - Beta Gamma ’54

Earl E. McKee - Gamma Beta ’55

*Roy D. Norton - Beta ’49

*Huevon S. Peery - Alpha Tau ’55

*Frederick D. Smith - Sigma ’59

*Charles M. Tucker, Jr. - Alpha Beta ’51

*David Winburn III - Alpha ’54

*Kenneth F. Young - Xi '24

*Denotes Chapter Invisible

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